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Family Fun

Come out and enjoy some family fun! Laugh, Love, and Workout with one another!


Sports is something that is far more than a game. It not only helps you grow athletically but socially, life skill wise, and academically. 


Come and explore some of the many sports we have to offer. All programs are ran by former and current collegiate/professional athletes.


Hidden Gyms created a new program called Cross Culture Sports where we will hold a camp/clinic in another country each year. Inspired by Founder/CEO Jimyse Brown's experience playing in England where she gained insight on other cultures and a love for travel.  Hidden Gyms will collaborate with organizations native to the visiting country to create a week long experience where coaches and kids from each country will come together to learn about and improve their game, have fun, and explore the host country together. The program is open to girls and boys with ages ranging depending on the program. Our goal is to not only have the kids learn about the sport but explore cultural differences as well. 


Kids will learn skill development in shooting, ball handling, passing and movement in a fun and positive learning environment. While spending the afternoon exploring the best the host country has to offer culturally, socially, and athletically.

This year Hidden Gyms will travel to New York City from July 20-24, 2020. This year's clinic is Tuesday-Friday (With activities from Monday - Friday) from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and is open to kids ages 7-16 (Grades 3-10). Children under 3rd grade are able to attend (with parent supervision) and children above grade 10 are also welcome to apply if they don't have an AAU tournament that week. 

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